Conclusion of the European Civic Service Festival in Europa-Park

As part of the presentation of key issues for the French EU Council Presidency, President Emmanuel Macron launched the idea of ​​a ‘European Citizens’ Service’, which should enable every European citizen under the age of 25 to take part in a university or teaching exchange, an internship or a club activity on a voluntary basis for up to six months in another member state of the European Union.

Founded in 2018 and based in Metz, the ‘Collectif pour un Service Civique Européen’ (CSCE) unites around 50 young people from a dozen nationalities under the statutes of French association law. It advocates for the general introduction of a voluntary service for all young Europeans, allowing them to gain experience in another member state. The collective wishes to respond to the major societal challenges of the EU, particularly issues regarding climate and the environment, while laying the foundations for active European citizenship.
The European Civic Service Festival brought together around 60 young people from all over Europe for five days in Strasbourg. The final event took place in the presence of representatives from institutions and youth organisations at Europa-Park.

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