Award ceremony for Prix Bartholdi 2021

Since 2014, Michael Mack has sponsored the Prix Bartholdi, a unique kind of international university prize. On 26th November 2021, the 21st ceremony for the Prix Bartholdi was held, allowing an opportunity to draw attention to outstanding students from the French-German-Swiss Upper Rhine region.

General elections in France 2022

96,219 French people living in Germany were called to the polls on 5th and 10th June 2022 for the French parliamentary elections. The honorary consulate Freiburg-Tübingen took an active role in this, with presidency in one of the polling stations, which was located in the German-French high school in Freiburg.

Conclusion of the European Civic Service Festival in Europa-Park

On 3rd June 2022, more than 60 young people from all over Europe, as well as representatives of German-French institutions, met in Europa-Park at the conclusion of the European Civic Service Festival. The project, which aims to promote the mobility of young people across Europe, received particular support from Honorary Consul Michael Mack.

First Cross-Border Discovery Day at Europa-Park

On 22nd May 2022, around 90 pupils from the Collège Caroline Aigle in Strasbourg and the Gymnasium Kenzingen took part in a Cross-Border Discovery Day, organised by the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) in Europa-Park.

French Presidential Elections 2022

On 10th and 24th of April 2022, the 96,219 French people living in Germany were called to the polls for the French presidential elections. The Honorary Consulate of Freiburg-Tübingen campaigned for this and took the chair of one of the polling stations, which was located in the German-French academic high school in Freiburg.

Young choir students from the Collèges Brunstatt-Didenheim and Zillisheim visit Europa-Park

Michael Mack welcomed around 100 young choristers from two colleges in the Mulhouse region, in order to congratulate them on their commitment to the planning of a joint musical, carried out in collaboration with the Mulhouse Conservatory and the Théâtre de la Sinne.

Participation in an economic round table ‘France before the elections’

Michael Mack took part in a panel discussion organised by the IHK Südlicher Oberrhein, which brought together several experts to discuss the possible impact of the French presidential election on companies in the southern Upper Rhine.

Europa-Park honoured with the ‘Trophée des Schwälmele’

Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park, as part of this year’s edition of the ‘E Friehjohr fer meine Spoch’, attended the event organixed by the Office pour la Langue et les Cultures d’Alsace et de Moselle (OLCA) on 26th March 2022 in Colmar and was awarded a ‘Trophée des Schwälmele’.

Meeting with Jeanne Barseghian

Michael Mack welcomed Jeanne Barseghian, the mayor of Strasbourg, during a meeting of economic and political actors from the Ortenau Economic Region (WRO), which took place on 22nd February 2022 at the hotel ‘Colosseo’ in Europa-Park.

Signing of agreement with the Strasbourg Academy

The French Honorary Consulate in Freiburg-Tübingen, Europa-Park and the Straßburg Academy have entered into a cross-border partnership with the aim of providing secondary school students, high school students and/or trainees aged 15 to 18 with further training and accompanying them in their professional preparation and to carry out cultural activities involving young people on both sides of the Rhine.

Meeting Cécile Wolfrom, Miss Alsace 2021

Michael Mack was also able to welcome Cécile Wolfrom, new Miss Alsace 2021 and third place winner in the Miss France 2022 competition, in a Europa-Park arranged for a magical winter season.

‘Through Alsace in 80 days’: Interim report on the settlement of Mack NeXT in Plobsheim

As part of the ’Through Alsace in 80 days’ campaign, Michael Mack had the opportunity to exchange views with the President of the European Regional Authority of Alsace (CeA), Mr. Frédéric Bierry and to give him an update on the progress of the settlement of the Mack NeXT company, show the French headquarters of the Mack International Group, as well as update on the status of the related development projects around the Kempferhof Golf Club.

Meeting with the new mayor of Gerstheim

Michael Mack had a conversation with Mr. Julien Koegler, who has been the mayor of the municipality of Gerstheim since 11th January 2021, succeeding Ms. Laurence Muller-Bronn, who became senator of the Bas-Rhin department.

Meeting with the young entrepreneurs of the Cap Entreprendre network

Michael Mack welcomed eighteen members and two speakers from Capentreprendre, a cooperative of activities in various professional fields (Coopérative d’activité et d’emploi multi-métiers – CAE) of the SaarMoselle youth cooperative (Coopérative Jeunesse de Services SaarMoselle) in Forbach to talk with them about the role and the various tasks of the Honorary Consul, but also to discuss cross-border projects in Europe.

Support for the Chapelle de la Rencontre project

On 11th July 2021, Michael Mack took part in a meeting in favour of the Chapelle de la Rencontre, which took place in Portalès Castle in the presence of the President of the French Senate, Gérard Larcher, and the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble.

The Franco-German Voice of the Youth

Europa-Park wanted to participate in a project of the “Franco-German Voices of Youth”. A great opportunity for French and German youth to make their voices heard!

Meeting with the French ambassador in Germany

Michael Mack met Anne-Marie Descôtes, French Ambassador to Germany, on the occasion of her visit to Kehl on 6 May 2021.

Company Discovery Day

Michael Mack resumed his engagement on the Franco-German Discovery Day of the Franco-German Youth Office (Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse – OFAJ), which took place on 28th April 2021, thus enabling an exchange between students and representatives of the Europa-Park company.

Meeting with the Committee on Cross-Border Cooperation

Michael Mack held talks with Vincent Muller, the French Secretary General of the Franco-German Committee for Cross-Border Cooperation (AGZ), which has been based in Kehl since 1st January 2021.

Meeting with the Centre for European Consumer Protection

Michael Mack met with representatives of the Centre for European Consumer Protection (ZEV) in Kehl to talk to the President, Mr. Vincent Thiébaut, the Secretary General, Ms. Martine Merigeau, and the project manager, Christian Tiriou, about the current focus of work.

Parlez-vous français?

At the invitation of the Honorary Consul Michael Mack, the winners of the state award in the French solo category and the members of the Baden-Württemberg state jury of the Federal Foreign Languages Competition gathered in Europa-Park on 12th September 2020.

Vive la Freundschaft!

Many guests from Germany and France attended Michael Macks’ Consular reception on the French national holiday.

Cross-border transport projects at the Upper Rhine

Michael Mack welcomed the participants of the Franco-German transport conference.

Friends from Germany and France together again

Brigitte Klinkert, President of the Haut-Rhin Department Council, visited the Honorary Consul Michael Mack after the German-French border reopened.

The border is open again!

Michael Mack took part in the reopening of the German-French border.

Dinner for the Consular Corps in Baden-Württemberg

At the invitation of Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, Michael Mack took part in the dinner that was organised on 10th March 2020 for the members of the Consular Corps of the state of Baden-Württemberg in the New Palace in Stuttgart.

New ways for Franco-German friendship as the theme of the consular New Year’s reception in Europa-Park

An efficient connection between key members involved in civil society of Franco-German friendship at the state level, as well as a stronger involvement of young people in the club activities – these were the wishes that were expressed at the first consular New Year’s reception on 12th January 2020 in Europa-Park.

Freiburg under the sign of France

Michael Mack took part in two France-related events in Freiburg on 2nd December 2019: the farewell to Martine Chantrel, the long-time director of the Centre Culturel Français, and the talk on the occasion of the 30thanniversary of the France Centre.

Consular environmental initiative ‘Honorary Consuls Plant Trees Worldwide’

Michael Mack hosted the start of the environmental initiative ‘Honorary Consuls Plant Trees Worldwide’ on 24thOctober 2019.

First Baden Architecture Prize as a symbol of Franco-German friendship

During the award ceremony of the first Baden Architecture Prize on 11th October 2019, the French Honorary Consul Michael Mack announced the special prize in the German-French architecture category.

Ringsheim – Albigny-sur-Saône: a long-lasting partnership

On 5th October, at the invitation of the Mayor of Ringsheim Pascal Weber, Honorary Consul of France Michael Mack took part in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the community partnership Ringsheim – Albigny-sur-Saône.

Congratulations to Ms. Brigitte Klinkert

Michael and Miriam Mack accompanied Ms. Brigitte Klinkert, President of the Alsatian Departmental Council Haut-Rhin, on 9th July 2019, when she was presented the ‘Officier de la Légion d’Honneur’ badge.

M’r rede elsässisch

Michael Mack, Honorary Consul of the Republic of France, invited 4 bilingual schools (Haguenau, Ingersheim, Gerstheim, Mulhouse) from the ABCM Bilingual Association, of which Tomi Ungerer was Honorary President, to Europa-Park on 4th June 2019.

European elections in Freiburg

Michael Mack’s Honorary Consular office in Freiburg organised the European elections for French citizens who wanted to vote for the French lists.

5th Franco-German fairy-tale day

Miriam Mack, 1st chairwoman of the European Centre for Fairy-Tale Culture, welcomed around 550 children to the German-French Fairy-Tale Day in Europa-Park on 13th May 2019.

‘Euro-Electro-Show’ – Pyrotechnic Festival ‘Vents d’Est’

Michael Mack invites you to the ‘Euro Electro Show’ on Friday, 5th July 2019. A pyrotechnic show with a DJ awaits you and your friends!

Michael Mack at the Eurodistrict German-French charity run ‘KM Solidarité’

On 14th May 2019, Michael Mack, in his role as Honorary Consul, joined the start of the first Eurodistrict school charity run in the garden of the Zwei Ufer between Strasbourg and Kehl.

Official handover of ‘Les Oiseaux’ by Tomi Ungerer

The FEFA, Fondation Entente Franco-Allemande, has officially given a picture by Tomi Ungerer to the Mack family and Europa-Park.

Visit to the Conseil Départemental du Haut-Rhin

A French delegation of politicians from Alsace (Conseil Départemental du Haut-Rhin) visited Europa-Park on 30th April 2019.

20 years of integrated degree program at the Freiburg University of Education

Michael Mack’s first appearance as Honorary Consul of France at the University of Freiburg was a great success!

Discovery Day DFJW

French schoolchildren visit local company Europa-Park.

Choose France Summit in Versailles

At the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, Michael Mack took part in the Choose France Summit in the Palace of Versailles on Monday 21st January 2019.

Trinational lunch in Colmar

As Honorary Consul of the Republic of France, Michael Mack was invited to the tri-national meeting in Colmar.