M'r rede elsässisch

Michael Mack, Honorary Consul of the Republic of France, invited 4 bilingual schools (Haguenau, Ingersheim, Gerstheim, Mulhouse) from the ABCM Bilingual Association, of which Tomi Ungerer was Honorary President, to Europa-Park on 4th June 2019.

71 pupils were able to ride the Madame Freudenreich attraction and can now leaf through the Alsatian version of the book.

The children are attending 5th grade and are learning German and Alsatian, either in ‘immersion’ which means that they do not speak French at all at school, or in ‘classe bilingue’, alternating between German, Alsatian and French.
The aim of this initiative is to get young people excited about bilingualism in our region.

Viel Vergnieje on e scheener Dàj !