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French Honorary Consulate

for Freiburg & Tübingen

Tradition – Youth – Digitalisation – Future

As the French Honorary Consul for Freiburg & Tübingen, it will be my honour to contribute to the preservation and intensification of the Franco-German friendship.

Dynamic change is shaping our time. In order to develop the future relationship of both countries, the following four key aspects have particular significance for me: Tradition, Youth, Digitalisation and Future. My personal commitment as Honorary Consul is characterised by these central areas of responsibility. Solid values based on tradition, youth and digitalisation – this IS the future. For France. For Germany. For Europe.

‘En avant les jeunes!’

Michael Mack

Preserve tradition
This region is my home and I feel closely connected to its people and traditions. My personal appreciation of both nations, my respect for their achievements and innovations, as well as the responsibility to preserve those for future generations is a great driver for me to bring the best of both nations together.

Foster the Youth
Young people are our future. It is therefore my personal desire to inspire with distinct pioneering spirit and to give impulses that help increase the career opportunities of French and German adolescents. 

Progress digitalisation
Using the potential of digital transformation and thereby creating new jobs and securing economic prosperity. 

Shape our future together
My attention is primarily on fostering cross-border projects, innovations and initiatives which help to overcome the challenges of social and economic change and improve the future chances of generations to come. 

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Message from the President of the French Republic

Emmanuel Macron congratulates Michael Mack on his commitment to Franco-German friendship.