Ringsheim - Albigny-sur-Saône: a long-lasting partnership

On 5th October, at the invitation of the Mayor of Ringsheim Pascal Weber, Honorary Consul of France Michael Mack took part in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the community partnership Ringsheim – Albigny-sur-Saône.

Ringsheim signed the partnership deed with Albigny-sur-Saône, a French municipality near Lyon, in 1994. This 25-year anniversary was celebrated on the weekend of 5th and 6th October with a citizens’ meeting, to which more than 120 citizens from Albigny traveled to Germany, as well as a ceremony in the Ringsheim town hall. In his celebratory address, Honorary Consul Michael Mack praised the lively celebration, as the municipal partnerships are renewed again and again through events like this one in Ringsheim, where many children were also able to take part. In conclusion, he emphasised that all those involved in the partnership between Ringsheim and Albigny can be proud of their contribution to the Franco-German friendship.