‘Through Alsace in 80 days’: Interim report on the settlement of Mack NeXT in Plobsheim

Frédéric Bierry, President of the Alsace European Region, has set himself the goal of visiting the Alsatians in all of their 40 cantons. He wants to deal with the elected representatives of the people, representatives of the associations, residents, companies, public service providers and the care infrastructure of the region in order to hear their ideas, their wishes and to record their projects.

A meeting was also organised in Plobsheim, a municipality with 4,500 inhabitants in the south of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, to present two major projects being developed in the region: the Kempferhof Golf Club and the construction of the Mack NeXT company premises, a subsidiary of Mack International Group (owner of Europa-Park).

The conversation offered the opportunity to on one hand sound out the interests of the participants and on the other hand to emphasise the complementary nature of these two projects, as both care about the outstanding attractiveness and the special quality of the Alsatian region.