the new, European and free platform

Finally some good news in these difficult times: the streaming platform of the Franco-German television broadcaster offers free European TV series to the public. They are provided in the original language (with subtitles). It is the ideal opportunity to discover the great classics of the various genres or to get to know other styles.

The aim of this offer is simple: it aims to significantly rejuvenate Arte’s target group, who on average are older than 60 years. Young people are actually watching less and less television, instead being especially enthusiastic about Netflix series or HBO productions. Series are the audiovisual genre of the decade and Arte understands that too. But will the Franco-German television broadcaster be able to compete with the largest platforms?

“That is not the question,” says the editorial team of the television show. The model that Arte is promoting with this offer is unique. The aim is not to consume series like this on other platforms, the audience should rather take their time and simply “enjoy”. The content that is offered is not new, but is still relevant today.

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